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BMG-019A-Krokoklemme Kupfer - Crococlip Copper

Kupfer Krokoklemme
Copper Crocodile Clip
Basispreis3,90 €
Verkaufspreis4,64 €
Steuerbetrag0,74 €


Krokoklemme aus Kupfer:

Unsere Krokoklemme aus Kupfer verhindert Kratzer auf der Oberfläche und bietet eine exzellente Leitfähigkeit.


Crocodile clip Copper:

Our Copper Crocodile Clip will make excellent electrical contact and reduce the risk of scratching on highly polished surfaces.

Made from 100% corrosion resistant materials.



Jaws material Pure copper
Pivot material Stainless steel
Spring material Stainless steel
Current rating 10 amps
Jaw opening (max) 7.9 mm


  • Not advised for use with platinum or rhodium brush plating solution.
  • Clean any verdigris with an abrasive pad or paper.