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Tips to the copyright, copyright and trade mark

The present contents of the web site (this is valid in particular for all texts, pictures, graphics, tone, videofiles or animation files including their order on the websites - every website design, every layout) for this website as well as the third supplier (news etc.) are protected by copyright. They may be loaded only for private purposes in the working memory and unique in another memory (hard disk). The other use of the texts and pictures, also in extracts, is originator-illegal without written approval and is punishable. Everybody within the Internet offer called and if necessary by third to protected brand names, trade marks, logos, company names and product names is the Alleineigentum of the respective owners and is defeated without limitation by the regulations of the in each case valid sign right and the possessory rights of the respective registered owners. Only on account of the bare naming the conclusion is not to be drawn that brand names are not protected by rights of third. In the present contents brands and business names are used; even if these are not marked as those, the corresponding protection provisions are valid.
With a desired Verlinkung to our homepage our consent is to be caught up before. With offence as well as injury of our copyrights we reserve ourselves claims for compensation.