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Don’t think only about the system!

The key for success is our brand and logo „REAL GOLD“.

This name and this logo are protected by copyright law by European Trademark Office in Alicante. This name is known due to our advertising efforts at the trade fairs, from TV reports, newspapers and other reports.
We, Real Gold, owned by R.Betzmann are the only one entitled to award right of use.
Any unauthorized use may violate copyright law and is punished!

When you buy our system, you can receive optional the right of using REAL GOLD and numberless special advertising folders to create flyers, visit cards, panels of advertising, vehicle advertising script, press releases, photos, etc..

The customized, ready-to-use WEBSITE in a few hours you are ready to start your new business on the Internet:

You will optain a perfect and complete business package with all kind of advertising files and business cards and our trademark and all these without any future or added fees!