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Start up a new business with Betzmann Galvaniksystems - Real Gold 

Are you looking for a business idea?

Do you want to start up your own business, as a regular or part-time occupation?

Do you want to add up a service to the range of products you offer to your clients?

Do you want to be your own boss?

Do you want to avoid investments in big offices, equipment and machines?

If your answer is yes, you are the right place! Do you want a system applicable on a large market, without franchise fees, without sharing the turnover, adding complete support for advertising and participation in trade fairs, use of a popular name as a trademark and advertising materials? Do you want to forward “know - how”.

Where can you find all these? Here with us.

At Real Gold, owner R.Betzmann!

The name Real Gold is a registered trademark in Germany. The the owner is Real Gold - Roland Betzmann. Therefore, only Mr. R. Betzmann can transfer and approve, in written form, the use of the name and logo and the attached advertising materials. You can use these rights if you buy a Real Gold system.

With our system you don’t need any previous knowledge, pricey trainings, purchasing of goods, workshops, warehouse areas: with our mobile unique coating system, especially created to fulfill the needs of its user, you can offer own service everywhere.
Simple use, the easy procedure of the coating without any special knowledge ensures the success, automatic setting of the voltage is ensured against any possibility of destruction. You may use it everywhere! The montage and setting takes a few minutes and it can be transported in any luggage.