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Her questions - Our answers

Is gilding difficult?

No! The system is designed, so that it can be used very easily! The applicable numbered execution sticks are already factory – made, supplied with the right intensity of the current or amperage, voltage and polarity. We deliver the complete system and a voluminous training manual, montage instructions and a training videotape. We are available at any moment with our personal experts and consultants: no call center no hotline! You may learn from our experience!

Do you need to dismantle a part before coating?
Yes, if you want to send it to us or we aren’t there. Otherwise, it is not necessary! Our unique coating procedure was developed, so the user doesn’t need to dismantle the car part. We recommend to gild new tuning articles, for instance a chromed door handle or handgrip before mounting them on your car. The -taps or the spigots in the bathroom don’t need to be dismantled, either.

How long does the gilded layer last?
24 karat gold doesn’t corrode! Our gild functions exactly as other gilds obtained by the electroplating procedure. As the gold does not corrode, it has not to be exfoliated, chipped or peeled, slivered or blown or backfilled. It is steady during the car wash or inside the dishwasher. If it is rubbed off by any reason or accidentally scraped, please ask for our support.

What can be coated?
Exterior parts such as : running boards or footboards, radiator grills or script name plates, interior parts of an engine, taps or spigots in the bathroom, golf clubs, parts of stainless steel, weapons or preferred jewelry pieces, our system fulfills any client’s dream.
Gilding goes with nearly everything: a yacht, boat, plane, railway or train, house appliances, motorbike, sports equipment. The sky is the limit. .

What’s the potential profit of gilding?
Based on the unique technology of this mobile coating technique and on the unbeatable advantages such as the independence on the size during the coating or partial coating, unlimited mobility, no need of workshops, and therefore the reduced up to no additional costs as in the case of the rent, the environmental conditions etc.., we have no rivals in this field. It means that you play on a giant market with high order and profit or earning potential.
We would be pleased to explain you further details during a personal call!

How do I learn to work with the coating system?
Due to its simple and user-friendly structure you may learn to gild very easily and fast.
After you read the operating manual and see the training videotape, you will feel already an expert in this field. We provide in house free training or we may pay a visit upon request..

Is it difficult to prepare the system and then to work with it ?
You do not need to be technically gifted to learn coating. If you ever used a paint brush, then you will be able to coat with our system!
Our system offers a state of the art technology, so that mistakes are avoided.

Are there any requirements for the electric power supply?
No! Our gold coating system uses 110 Volt standard voltage. A global AC input is available upon request, so that you may work with 110 Volt and 220 Volt.
For a mobile use, optionally you may ise a 12 Volt source in a car from the cigarette lighter.

How to coat without damaging the enamel varnish?
The „Real Gold” system is based on a water soluble material, so that a damaging of the enamel varnish is not possible! Our materials react only on conductive materials.
As the enamel varnish is not conductive, thus even if not coated it won’t suffer any damage.

How to coat an emblem and a radiator grille when these consist only of plastic?
The most of the vehicle parts are made of plastic, but they contain partially nickel, or can be then chromed. The copper and nickel conductivity allow coating.

Can the REAL GOLD system coat also with other materials than gold?
Yes! Our system can be used also with silver, copper, cobalt, rhodium, platinum, chrome and of course, 24 K gold.

Are there any size limits?
Actually, there is no limit concerning the dimension of the coated objects. The „Real Gold” system adjusts itself on the size of the object and then starts automatically the coating procedure. We have always obtained optimal results.

Does the user of the REAL GOLD SYSTEM need additional special qualifications?
Yes. The user must have a the desire to earn money, to be his/her own boss and to have the freedom to decide when and how long or how much does he/she wants to work.

Who are the potential clients? What is my market segment?
Anybody! That’s because anybody is attracted by the magic glitter of gold. Man has always loved gold. The services offered to car dealers and the tuning shops has always proven profitable.
What can someone achieve on the market? With your work, creativity and fantasy you can reach new market segments. The gilding can add style to your home, kitchen or bathroom, depending on how big is your wish for more and for the desire to have your personal touch. Do you perceive this special opportunity as a chance? The market for home appliances, such as cutlery, mugs or pots, plates, mobile radios or cell phones, MP3-players and other electric devices or equipment is a giant and booming market, and is up to you to develop it!

How do we assist you?
You can be sure we offer technical support and tips and tricks gathered during our experience.
You may take advantages of our success and of our experience, so that you become yourself successful! Optionally, we offer you complete and professional starter-set with advertising flyers, written examples, visit cards and your including a place on our homepage, exactly as we use our protected name, support in the trade fairs and advertising actions. You may show our gold coated cars at your own exhibition or trade fair stand!

What happens, if once my device doesn’t function any more?
All the devices are tested very thoroughly before delivery. Cases when troubles occur are very rarely. Please, call our service dealer. You receive a three – year guarantee for this system and during this time we are pleased to carry out what’s necessary for a fast and trouble-free repair.

You will earn easly a hourly rate of 100 €

Don’t hesitate to call us for further questions!!