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Betzmann Galvanik - Real Gold - Mobile Plating Systems for 24 carat gold, silver, platinum, chromium coating

Our business model includes sale and distribution of this ingenious system, and supply of coating services!

We coat the smallest coins and complete hall-roofs, including an imaginable range of objects. Besides 24 carat gold (fine gold) we work also with platinum, silver, chrome, copper, nickel. You may want to coat only parts of an object, for instance the rim-star of your car the headlights of your radiator grill. This is an impossible job for the usual immersion electroplating systems! The coating is performed directly on the parts of a car, you do not need to take them off and without damaging enamel varnish or other parts of the car. This saves not only time and your money, it's also a guarantee that nothing is damaged during dismantling!

Everybody is welcome! Big or small, if it's a screw, a retainer clip or a fastener, a watchstrap or a spoon, we coat it!

Our specialists work manually each of your valuable objects using the finest gold (fine gold). All products have quality certificates attesting 24 carat pure gold coating.

Real Gold is exclusive vendor for the user-friendly mobile coating system!

Do you want to coat lots of objects, or maybe you have a special hobby? Are you looking for a new business idea? Buy our system and conquer a huge market: Using our system is as easy as winking due to its smart technical equipment. You buy a ready - to - use state of the art system, that comes with a three - year- warranty and free technical support. No expensive hotline calls, no call center. We offer personal assistance and all of our experience! Please let us know about any further information you need, concerning this business model!

The coated articles look shiny, noble and luxurious, old articles regain their initial value. Faded candleholders, blunt watchstraps, worn brass articles look glamorous with the new gold covering. Gold does not tarnish, oxidize, nor corrodes. Think about the electric contact on boats and yachts exposed to saltwater. Forget the problems the lime water causes on taps or spigots in your bathroom.
Gold is stylish; gold is in, the gold market booms. Create your own style; add a new, personal touch to your home. Choose to be extra-ordinary and show it with the objects you love: cars, motorbikes, house, weapons, pieces of sports equipment, golf club, musical instruments, boats, yachts, planes, jewel or decoration, interior or exterior design, the sky is the limit.