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Product information Betzmann Galvanik - Nickel Electrolyte Our nickel electrolyte for galvanic... more
Product information "Nickel Solution"

Product information Betzmann Galvanik - Nickel Electrolyte

Our nickel electrolyte for galvanic nickel plating

Nickel coating is one of the most important processes in industry.

Galvanic nickel plating enables durable and wear-resistant coating of metallic or conductive surfaces. Furthermore, nickel coatings are convincing because they are resistant to corrosion and easy to solder. With our Betzmann electroplating nickel electrolyte you can produce electroplated nickel coatings yourself.

Our high-quality galvanic nickel electrolyte was developed especially for self-nickeling and may be sold to private individuals by mail order.

Depending on the material of the work piece as well as the detailed procedure of nickel plating you will achieve the following results:

reliable corrosion protection through a combination of layers such as copper-nickel

chemically resistant protective coating against diluted acids, alkalis, air and water

Diffusion protection for subsequent electroplating

Decorative protective coating with a high-gloss surface, which also serves as wear protection.

As galvanic nickel electrolyte our product is suitable for bath electroplating as well as for pen plating (pad plating). During nickel plating, the magnetic properties of the workpiece are retained and it has a high-gloss silver-like color with a subtle yellow tone. Just as convincing as the final result is the high deposition rate of the nickel electrolyte.

If you are nickel plating a complex designed workpiece with curves and inner surfaces, we recommend the uncomplicated chemical nickel plating with our electroless nickel process.

Electroplated nickel - decorative or protective coating

If a simply formed workpiece or component is to be provided with a protective coating, we recommend the combination of copper and nickel. In this way, you can immediately achieve a reliable corrosion protection, which you would otherwise only achieve with pure nickel plating with a layer thickness of 25 to 50 µm. This is because the coating only has the necessary freedom from pores from these thicknesses, since nickel electrolytes always deposit fine-pored.

However, electroplated nickel not only protects against corrosion. The coating, which is easy to apply, is highly resistant to dilute acids and alkalis and serves as wear protection.

If several electroplating steps with layers of different metals are planned, an electroplated nickel electrolyte can be used as a barrier layer. This prevents diffusion or color mixing of different layers. It is irrelevant for all processes whether you use our nickel electrolyte for bath electroplating or pen plating (pad plating).

For decorative plating, the combination of bright nickel and chrome is ideal to achieve reliably even surfaces. Depending on the application, pure bright nickel plating may be sufficient.

Application notes for our nickel electrolyte (bright nickel)

The powerful nickel electrolyte for self-nickeling is preferably processed at room temperature in the range of 15 to 30 °C. It is suitable for all common metals, semi-precious and precious metals with the exception of aluminum (aluminum must first be plated with "nickel strike" and "electroless nickel"), chromium and titanium.

If you plan to nickel-plate stainless steel yourself, please use our Nickel-Strike for pretreatment to increase the adhesive strength.

Before electroplating, clean the workpiece particularly thoroughly. Remove rust completely and degrease the component with e.g. alcohol. Always use clean, disposable gloves to avoid transferring skin grease to the workpiece.

Please observe the following recommendations, depending on the electroplating method used:

Bath Electroplating approx. 10V (5-15V)

Pen electroplating approx. 12V (8-14V)

Current density 1-5A/dm²

Working temperature 15-60°C

pH value  4-4,5

If you adhere to the specified parameters, a shiny and uniform nickel layer will form on the component.

Do you have any questions about nickel plating with our nickel electrolyte or about other products from our store such as copper or chrome electrolyte for self-plating? Please contact us - we will be happy to advise you. 

Marking of the mixture: Nickel electrolyte bright

(contains nickel(II) sulfate, nickel(II) chloride, nickel(II) acetate, boric acid)


Signal word: Attention


H317: May cause allergic skin reactions.



P102: Keep out of the reach of children.

P260: Do not breathe aerosol.

P280: Wear protective gloves / eye protection.

P302 + P352: IF IN SKIN CONTACT: Wash with plenty of water.

P501: Add contents/container to hazardous waste.

EUH208: Contains nickel (II) sulfate, nickel (II) chloride, nickel (II) acetate, nickel (II) sulfamate. Can be al



This Nickel Brush Plating Solution quickly plates a beautiful white layer. Great for plating a barrier layer when plating on plastics, copper, and copper containing alloys.
An alternative barrier layer could be our White Bronze or our Palladium brushsolution.
Features Application
Plates quickly to produce a white, bright finish – the longer you plate, the brighter it gets
  • Can be used as a barrier layer between copper and gold – very useful when plating on non-conductive surfaces. When used for this function, plate to at least a 2 microns thickness.
  • Once plated can be abraded to produce a scratched or ‘brush’ finish
  • Use a nickel electrode




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