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  • BMG-118
Rosegold Mixer Betzmann Galvanik:   IN VERBINDUNG MIT Goldelektrolyt 8 oder 12... more
Product information "Rosegold Mixer"

Rosegold Mixer Betzmann Galvanik:  

IN VERBINDUNG MIT Goldelektrolyt 8 oder 12 Gramm, optimal mit KLAREM GOLD BMG-072
Verwenden Sie unseren Rosegold Mixer zusammen mit dem Klaren Gold und Sie erhalten
sagenhafte warme Goldtöne. Bei einem Verhältnis 1:10 bekommen Sie dunkles Rosegold, eine
Mischung von 2:10 ähnelt dem Hochglanz polierten Kupfer. Bei Beschichtung auf Edelstahl, Nickel
oder deren Legierungen empfehlen wir zunächst die Beschichtung einer dünnen Schicht normales
Gold um dem Rosegold eine solide Basis zu geben. Mischverhältnisse entnehmen Sie dem Leitfaden.


Rosegold Mixer Real Gold Betzmann:

Simply add Rose Gold Mixer to K-Gold to plate fabulously warm, lustrous tones of rose gold.
All you need to do is mix the two together to create just the right amount of solution you need.

We recommend you buy the mixing kit to make sure you measure out the correct ratios.
A 1:10 mix will give you a darker shade of rose gold commonly used for eastern European jewellery,
while a mix of 2:10 gives a mix not too dissimilar to highly polished pure copper, however this one does not tarnish.

If plating on to stainless steel, nickel or its alloys, first plate a layer of 24 carat gold or Goldflash to

give a good, solid base on which to plate your Rose Gold layer.


Features Used for
Rose gold plate is very hard compared to pure gold. Great for plating items subject to a high-wear environment (jewellery).
Plates fast. Reduces plating time.
When mixed with K-Gold, creates the classic warm tones of rose gold. Selective plating of a range of personal items for example jewellery and watch cases and straps. Can be used on larger items such as silverware and picture frames.
Redder deposits can be obtained by increasing the volume of mixer. Greater flexibility in colour matching.
Consistency of alloy throughout process sequence. Very useful especially when plating large work or plating to higher thickness: the shade of gold plated doesn’t change.


Instructions for use

Carbon Electrode
3 – 3.5 volts
20 – 25 centigrade

Ratio of Rosegold Mixer to K-Gold Shade Produced   Remarks
1:10 Yellow-red shade   18 carat alloy (75% gold, 25% copper). Plates fast (up to 1.5 microns per minute). Bright, hard gloss finish.
1.5:10 (see note below)
Becomes redder   15 carat gold alloy (62.5% gold, 37.5% copper) Plates bright and fast.
2:10 (see note below)
Red gold   12 carat alloy – (50% gold, 50% copper). If wanting to plate over 0.25 microns, plate until it goes dull, polish with MPU and then plate again.
4:10 (see note below)
Red gold   Below 10 carat alloy. Tarnishes readilly and not recommended for decorative purposes.


  • Rose gold mixes above 1:10 are a lot more susceptible to tarnish than mixes of 1:10 and lower
  • Remove any existing layers of rose gold before plating


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