Conductive silver lacquer spray 150 ml

Conductive silver lacquer spray 150 ml
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Conductive silver lacquer spray 150 ml from Betzmann Galvanik    Product... more
Product information "Conductive silver lacquer spray 150 ml"

Conductive silver lacquer spray 150 ml from Betzmann Galvanik 


Product information about Betzmann electroplating silver conductive lacquer spray (150 ml)


Item description:

Betzmann Galvanik conductive silver lacquer spray (150 ml) - the product properties at a glance:


highly conductive

easy to spray on

16 grams of silver and minimal copper content, hence the red tinge

suitable for bath and pen plating

With conductive silver lacquer from Betzmann Galvanik you can make non-conductive surfaces such as plastic, wood and many more conductive and then simply electroplate them, for example. After application, the conductive lacquer can be electroplated with either pen plating or bath plating. In order to achieve glossy results, the object treated with the conductive lacquer should be coated with the acid copper electrolyte or our new PP copper - you can then polish to a shine and then further silver or gold plating.


Please read our operating instructions carefully before using the conductive lacquer spray.


Scope of delivery:

150 ml silver conductive lacquer spray




Conductive treatment of plastics, glass, ceramics and many other materials. Also very well suited as a decorative lacquer for flowers - also preserves fresh flowers without drying them first.




General use:


Apply a thin layer of conductive lacquer to the pre-cleaned, grease-free surface. Plastic parts can be coated better if they are sprayed with plastic primer beforehand. Spray the conductive lacquer in several layers in cross-coats. Allow the conductive lacquer to dry thoroughly before each spraying cycle (5 - 15 minutes). In order to remove last solvent residues it is recommended to blow-dry the conductive lacquer thoroughly with a hair dryer before electroplating. The conductive lacquer should be shaken thoroughly before spraying to prevent clumping.




Pen plating:


Small areas can be plated with pen plating directly after drying. However, care should be taken to apply only weak pressure to the lacquer to avoid scratches. The object with the minus pole should only be contacted but not clamped. Here, our copper plates are suitable.


The first layer that is applied must be bright copper or PP copper, as this electrolyte quickly separates and strengthens the conductive lacquer layer. Afterwards, further coatings can be applied with other electrolytes. Since the conductive lacquer can easily be damaged, pen plating on conductive lacquer is only recommended to a limited extent. It is much better to coat the object with bright copper electrolyte beforehand.




Bath electroplating:


The best results can be achieved with conductive lacquer if it is copper-plated after spraying. The coating should be thick enough to obtain a polish-resistant layer (copper plating in bath for about 30 - 45 minutes). Before applying further coatings, the copper can then be carefully polished to a shine. It is important to spray especially edges and transitions carefully, as the conductive lacquer is most sensitive at these points and tends to run off.


Safety Instructions:


The conductive lacquer is inflammable and dangerous to the environment. Therefore keep the conductive lacquer away from ignition sources and sparking. Avoid electrostatic charging. Do not allow the conductive lacquer to get into the waste water and dispose of dried residues in hazardous waste. 



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