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BMG-059 Kupferplättchen - Copper Strip

Kupferplättchen: Verhindert Flecken und Kratzer
Copper Strip - no more scratches
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Dieses Zubehör ist eine weitere Innovation von Real Gold.

Es verhindert Kratzer oder Brandflecken durch die Krokoklemme und
erweitert die Leitfähigkeit an der Oberfläche.



Copper Strip:


Our Conductive Strips greatly speed up plating because of the increased surface contact with your work.

They eliminate the risk of scratching the work surface with the stainless steel crocodile clip.

Highly recommended for plating on non-conductive surfaces as it significantly reduces the danger of damaging your Conductive Ink layer.



Features Used for
Greatly increases surface contact and therefore conductivity with work Significantly increases plating speeds
Eliminates making burn marks and scratches caused by using crocodile clip by itself Making contact with work on any part of surface you’re plating – whether visible or not
Gentle way of making electrical contact with surface of your work Essential for plating on Conductive Ink (hi-grade) – doesn’t damage its delicate surface