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We use the latest technology of high – frequency - impulse procedure. The system is structured, so that the short-circuit or over voltage cannot be destroyed.

Our system has considerable advantages compared to the cheap devices you find on the electronics market. These advantages convey a simple, fast, professional and high quality durable coating by: Every anode has an own electrical connection, no troublesome unplugging.

The device determines automatically the necessary current output voltage, and you don’t have to set a new voltage for each anode, you can save time and spare your nerves and protect the object to be coated.- the system adjusts automatically to any size of the object to be coated.

- the system recognizes and prevents damages caused by over voltage, short circuit and therefore any arcing which could damage the coated surface

-Chrome removal in few seconds, automatic recognition and protection of the exposed nickel layer, preventing its damage!

-There is no danger of the over activation of the nickel layer, respectively of the electrochemically cleaned surfaces

- Irrespectively of size, be it 1 cm or 100 m, coating is no problem

- no mounting or dismantling of the any parts needing coating

- partial coating – no problem

- exact adjustment of the speed of the gold deposits.

- the device is designed, that you have your workplace and the needed accessories at your hand . No need to rummage around!

- we constantly work in our labs on new and improved fluids.

We offer you cyanide free gold solutions and safe stripper and cleaner. All these substances don’t cause any health problem or hazard!